Royal Square at Novena Project Details

Discovering The DNA Of A World Class Medical Centre That Covers Every Aspect Of Life

  • 16 Levels Of Medical Suites
  • Mixed-use Development with Hotel and Mall
  • Communal Landscape Deck With Restaurants For Work-Life Balance.

Step into the most comprehensive medical destination in Novena medical hub. Comprising medical suites, a hotel, shops and restaurants, Royal Square attracts with its all-in-one efficiency that allows medical tourists and guests to conveniently rest at the 4-star hotel above, and get their daily needs at the mall below. Set apart by the thoughtfulness of such unique combination, Royal Square is the perfect choice for medical professionals.

Unveiling The Most Sought After Medical Suites That Stand In A Renowned Medical Arena.

  • Situated At Prime District 12
  • Next To The Future Health City Novena
  • Adjacent To Novena MRT Station

Royal Square is situated alongside the future Health City Novena, Singapore’s largest healthcare complex to be completed by 2030. The 17-hectare integrated development will incorporate 10 buildings, including Tan Tock Seng Hospital and 5 new healthcare facilities, connected via a network of MRT, pedestrian walkways and shutter bus services. The complex will also extend beyond healthcare to encompass education, commercial and leisure spaces.

In addition to existing medical centres, healthcare professionals can easily benefit from seamless coordination with clinical expertise, technologies and facilities nearby. This congregation of medical specialists will create a regionally renowned medical brand out of the Novena area.

Located amidst the future Health City Novena, Royal Square is set to draw visitors, medical tourists and business travellers from across the region. With a growing population of well-heeled city residents in proximity, supported by surrounding offices, medical facilities, schools and hotels, Royal Square is an astute medical address.

Revealing New Perspectives Of Lives In The Most Positive Light

  • Efficient Infrastructure That Enhances Medical Process.
  • Consists Of Day Surgery Centre, Imaging Centre and Laboratory Facilities
  • To Be Certified BCA Green Mark Platinum for promoting a sustainable workplace.

A dedicated lift lobby with 6 specialised medical lifts serves 171 units of medical suites with sizes ranging from 39sqm to 73sqm. The 15 medical floors are specially designed for healthcare professionals’ convenience, with features such as wide corridors and outward-facing units with optimum ventilation and abundant natural daylight. Being North-South oriented, the tower is exposed to minimal heat gain and glare.